Hi, i recently saw your work and i think its amazing, and i'm really sorry to be a pain but i was just wondering, is there like, any rules on selling fan art? I saw your buttons (and i really want many of them haha) and just.. wondered really. Sorry again.

Hello anon! 

Thanks for looking at my stuff! I think selling fan art really depends on what it is that you’re making fan art of. This is as long as your business doesn’t get too big and starts competing with the original stuff. 

It’s still kind of fuzzy on what you should sell or what you shouldn’t sell in terms of fan art. Some companies would come nip out at even the smallest seller, so it really is random. 

If you want to sell fan art, maybe start with fandoms that you know that will least likely get you into trouble (like pokemon maybe… maybe). 

Honestly, I think original art is the best way to go! I’m just starting off, so I like to start with fan art things first… maybe introduce my original work later on. 

I hope this kind of helped! Woopie~ 

Played around with Gouache and drew all of my favourite megas so far in ORAS. 

scanner ruined some things cries. 


Commission for cinamoncune!!

Both animated and static versions~

I LOVE this to bits! Thanks so much Mary~

Pixel commission for Tanu

Couple icon / v \ ! 

What program did you animate your pixel in? It looks so smooth when the dress moves, how did you do it without making it one pixel at a time?

Ohhh~ It’s just photoshop haha. Kind of like Flash, I separate all the moving parts into their own layer so that I can move them individually at a time. This way, I don’t have to redraw the whole thing over and over again.