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QuestionAN as in Anime North?! I'll be going to that uwu Answer

Yep! Anime North! I’ll be going and may or may not have a table. Depends on the cover contest results qvq. If not, I’ll just be dressing up/cosplaying maybe.

OH BUT LET ME SLAP IN some random advertisement here: THIS GIRL IS GOING.

She’s amazing, her art is wow. She will be having a table ~ so please look forward to checking her table hahahaa.


Some doodles on Miiverse ~

I love the ACNL community. I think it’s really fun to draw there.


Haven’t updated here for a while, mostly because of prepping for AN and doodling a lot. Woop!


I’d like to get a little extra spending money, so I’m holding a commission sale! Check my commissions page for full details.

Email me at if you are interested, or just drop me an ask if you have a question! :3

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QuestionHewwo, I am from Miiverse and I saw some of your artwork there. I am not sure if you are the same person because I search Cune on google and this tumblr pop up. If you are same person, I really love your post! Are you new to Miiverse? I no see you before. Answer

Ahhhhh! Anon, who may you be? 

Is it this person that you’re referring to? LINK ~ If so, yeah that’s me. Haha, I post weird things, doodles— so thanks for liking my work ( / v \ ) . I just recently started getting active again on Miiverse and I really like it!

I think I’ll try to make it a thing that I post something everyday over there. Gracias.

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QuestionHey! Just wanted to ask an unusual? question - would you be ok if I used your Joltiks as an inspiration to make a plush for a friend of mine? It would be for this use and this use only - I just wanted to ask first as your little cuties are the main inspiration behind this project in the first place. Hope this question isn't too weird ;.; Keep up the great work! <3 Answer

Hello anon! Huh? This is unsual indeed ~ I don’t own joltiks (I WISH OH MY GOODNESS), so I don’t see the issue here. However, ‘v’ if you wish to refer me as your inspiration or something, please do so! Ahhh, I’m happy that my little joltik drawings really inspired you to make a plush. Joltiks are owned by Nintendo/Gamefreak haha. PLEASE SHOW ME IF YOU DO MAKE IT WOW.